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This is an exclusive deck of Ukrainian poker playing cards. Create in two authentic Ukrainian colors – red and black.


52+3 Playing Cards

This large poker deck of playing cards contains 52 cards and two additional jokers: red and black.

Also, you will find another two cards in the box: a promotional card with lyrics of the famous Ukrainian folk song and bonus card for tricks.

Two-color printing

There is a two-colored (red and black) professional printing on the playing card deck. Additionally, the cards are covered with 4-component varnish to protect the image from erasure.

Special cardboard

Playing cards are printed on a professional casino cardboard with a graphite layer in it to prevent cards from shining through.

Air pockets

Playing cards have unique air pockets embossed on the surface on each side. These air pockets provide a smooth sliding of the card, for more convenient shuffle of the deck.

Original design

The classic poker deck of cards is decorated with elements of Ukrainian embroidery patterns.

With a full deck of playing cards 2 COLORS you can enjoy playing card games like: poker, blackjack, baccarat, bridge, etc. If you are a fan of other playing card games, tricks or gimmicks, 2 COLORS is also suitable. Have fun!

Poker card size: 2.5x3.5 inches
Two indexes with standard size
Two-color printing: black and red inks
High-quality German casino cardboard

2 Colors

Ukrainian playing cards 2 COLORS is a poker deck with original design. Cards and box are created in black and red colors. This deck includes 55 playing cards and has a classic poker size: 2.5×3.5 inches.



Great colored poker deck

Moonlight night

Full poker deck in dark design


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