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This is an exclusive deck of Ukrainian poker playing cards. Create in two authentic Ukrainian colors – red and black.


52+3 Playing Cards

This large poker deck of playing cards contains 52 cards and two additional jokers: red and black.

Also, you will find another two cards in the box: a promotional card with lyrics of the famous Ukrainian folk song and bonus card for tricks.

Original design

The classic poker deck of cards is decorated with elements of Ukrainian embroidery patterns.

Special cardboard

Playing cards are printed on a professional casino cardboard with a graphite layer in it to prevent cards from shining through.

Air pockets

Playing cards have unique air pockets embossed on the surface on each side. These air pockets provide a smooth sliding of the card, for more convenient shuffle of the deck.

Two-color printing

There is a two-colored (red and black) professional printing on the playing card deck. Additionally, the cards are covered with 4-component varnish to protect the image from erasure.

With a full deck of playing cards 2 COLORS you can enjoy playing card games like: poker, blackjack, baccarat, bridge, etc. If you are a fan of other playing card games, tricks or gimmicks, 2 COLORS is also suitable. Have fun!

2 Colors

Ukrainian playing cards 2 COLORS is a poker deck with original design. Cards and box are created in black and red colors. This deck includes 55 playing cards and has a classic poker size: 2.5×3.5 inches.



Great colored poker deck

Moonlight night

Full poker deck in dark design


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